Design Services

We live in a visual world - why not spruce up your digital life a little? Contact us for more information about any and all of the services listed below.

Digital Photography

We can create high-resolution images on-site of your products, location, or personnel with our high-quality digital equipment.

The resulting images can be provided to you on disc, online, included in your website designs, or printed on media of your choice.

Photo Editing

If you have existing photos (digital or traditional), we can edit them to remove blemishes or scratches, to color correct or stylize.

Just let us know what you need "photo-fixed"!

Graphic Design

Using industry-leading tools, we can create digital designs for a variety of media, including business cards, letterhead, logos, brochures, t-shirts, signage, vinyl graphics, and, of course, online media.

Video Editing & Encoding

We can edit and encode your video to a variety of formats for the web, CD/DVD Rom, and device playback.

Flash Animation & More

We specialize in Flash products, and can create engaging animations using your graphics or materials created just for you. Morphing, flying, and bouncing motion can attract a user's attention, whether it be on the web, on a disc or desktop application, or within a kiosk.

Contact us with your design needs and we'll do our utmost to accomodate you!