Internet Services

Need a website? Hosting? Online design services? We can help. Contact us for more information about any and all of the services listed below.

Web Hosting

We offer affordable hosting solutions. Our basic plan includes 50 MB of disk space and costs $80 per year. Just let us know what you need, and we'll tailor a plan to fit your requirements.

Domain Name Registration & Email

We can register your own domain name for $10 per year. You own the domain name, and you can choose to host your website with us, or elsewhere.

When you choose to host your website with us, we can provide you with multiple email boxes using your domain name for a more professional appearance. Email boxes can be standalone (you use an email program to access them), accessible via WebMail, or a forwarding account to send mail to an existing email address you already use.

Search Engine Optimization

Do you already have a website, but want more hits? Let us examine your site and suggest ways to improve your search ranking, to improve your website's impact.

Online Advertising & Revenue

Put your website to work! We can help you set up both advertising for your website that is placed on other sites to help drive people to view your pages, and we can help you place ads on your site, so that you get paid when someone views your page or clicks an ad.

Web Page Design

Liquidleaf Dynamic Media offers design services. We can create website graphics, banner ads, and other digital graphics to create a brand-new website, or to revamp and improve an existing one. We can use your existing logos and graphics as a starting point, to create continuity with your current brand or company identity.

Web Development

Using a variety of technology, we can create a simple or dynamic, complex website to suit your needs. From simple 5 page sites, up to dynamic database-driven hundred-page structures, we can provide a solution that scales with your needs. Some of our offerings include shopping carts, forums, contact forms, guest books, just contact us and let us know what you need.

We use PHP, Javascript, XML, MySQL, Perl/CGI, and other web technologies

Video & Audio Players

It's the age of online video. We specialize in Flash video players. Do you already have videos on YouTube? We can place them within your website, or create custom video and audio players that reflect your site's look and feel. We can also assist you with integrating video advertising into a custom video player, so that you can monetize your media content.

Banners & Banner Ads

Advertising can bring a larger audience to your web site. Those advertisements or clickable banners must attract a user's attention for them to be enticed to your site. We offer both static image banner graphics as well as animated GIF or Flash banners, in industry standard or custom sizes.

Online Interactive Training

Do you need to train employees or users? Online Training can be a very convenient way to train or test your audience. We offer both Flash and HTML-based training, and can report scores or results back to you for your review. Video and audio can be embedded to engage your training audience and make your topic stick.

Online Photo Galleries

Are you a photographer? Online retailer? Or do you just have a lot of photos you need to share? We can provide customized photo galleries, either HTML-based or Flash-based, to allow you to present your photos in a manner that reflects your taste and needs, with the security level you desire.

Promotional Landing Pages & HTML Email

Do you have a special event, sale, or promotion that you'd like to emphasize? HTML-based email and promotional landing pages can be a great tool to let people know about important events.