Rich Media & Marketing Services

Rich Media and Marketing is our primary area of expertise. Make your website, CD/DVD Rom, or other dynamic project come to life! Contact us for more information about any and all of the services listed below.


Touchscreen informational kiosks can be a great tool to let people learn more about your products and services, or find information about your organization.

We can help create dynamic, engaging kiosk materials to attract users and grab hold of their attention. Kiosk attract loops and interactive programming can help bring a lot of attention to your kiosk and can make or break a user's experience with it. Animation, graphics and sound can create an immersive environment.

Interactive Flash Web Applications & AIR Desktop Applications

With Adobe's Flash, we can create interactive web and desktop applications that utilize sound, video, and graphics. These applications can be sales tools, promotional presentations, training applications, games, and more - the possibilities are almost limitless.

Our interactive applications can be housed on a website, on a CD or DVD Rom disc (including business-card sized CDs), within a kiosk, even on portable devices like the Chumby ™.

If you already have a web-based application, did you know you can have a cross-platform desktop version created using the existing functionality? With Adobe AIR, this is possible, and made fairly simple.

We can even create custom screen-savers for you using your materials, or materials we create for you.

Whatever your application or need, we can create a product that meets your needs.

Media Players

Share your video or audio media in a safe, secure way - with a custom Audio or Video player. Your content can be securely housed to protect it from unauthorized use, but in such a way that allows users to easily view or hear your materials.

Other Marketing Materials

From banners to sales tools on disc, we offer a wide variety of digital marketing products. Contact us for more information.